Only to Sleep

A Philip Marlowe Novel

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The new Philip Marlowe novel from Lawrence Osborne, a master of the psychological thriller.

In this brilliant new novel, commissioned by the Raymond Chandler Estate, the acclaimed author Lawrence Osborne gives us a piercing psychological study of one of literature's most beloved and enduring detectives, told with a contemporary twist. It is an unforgettable addition to the Raymond Chandler canon.

The year is 1989, the Reagan presidency has just come to an end, and detective Philip Marlowe - now in his seventy-seventh year, is on the case again. What country is this for old men? For Marlowe, this is his last roll of the dice, his swan song, and he is back on his home turf. Set between the border and badlands of Mexico and California, Marlowe's final assignment is to investigate the disappearance of Donald Zinn: supposedly drowned off his yacht in Mexico, and leaving his much-younger wife a very rich woman. But is Zinn actually alive, and are the pair living off the spoils?

Lawrence Osborne's unforgettable Marlowe investigates.

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